First Month

After a month of getting outside and gaining traction with Baloo Ridge, we are attacking our learning curve and honing our skills in building a business. We are learning to adapt our outdoor activities to social platforms where they can be appreciated at home, bringing a sense of adventure and tranquility that transcends our four walls. More than anything, we have loved our time outside. Every hike becomes a personal endeavor as we bond with one another and share our individual love of the outdoors, each person contributing to the game-plan and pointing out things in nature that may have gone unnoticed by the rest of us. The hikes allow us to reconnect with one another in the same way we are reconnecting with nature. The group setting is an essential part of what we're setting out to find and makes the entry point into the outdoors a more natural transition.

Our workshops are filling themselves out and becoming our primary focus in the foundation and overall structure of Baloo Ridge. What started as a focus on smaller niche interests we have as department heads has grown into a scaled version of these interests as we've adapted to feedback from friends, family, and customers. We are gaining our footing and solidifying services in a way that fit our capabilities and respond to the current willingness and comfortability of Baloo customers in the outdoors. Our creative workshops are becoming more streamlined in product availability and flexibility of services to adapt to the schedules of participants. We will continue to look for ways to merge workshops with outdoor experiences to create a more contained space to serve our overall goals as an outdoor company.

We look forward to adapting to the demands of our second month, getting outside the house and outside of our departments to see growth across the board!

"I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it" -Toni Morrison


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