Baloo Ridge Meeting up with Friends for First Hike!

Updated: Mar 20

We get the chills when someone mentions summer. We're hitching ourselves on to the idea of the classic summer adventure.

Upstate SC has found itself cornered within what may be the most hidden sector of outdoor exploration; the Great Blue Ridge. Those of us who have grown up within the ambiance of the Blue Ridge's protective slopes may not realize the comfort it provides, or more commonly, take it for granted. The greatest adventures are the ones that we avoid, whose trailheads begin right outside of our front doors. Guests venturing through the Upstate rarely miss the opportunity to beat us there, covering a distance that seems more and more insurmountable the closer we reside.

Our relationship to the region should be nourished, the closeness honored, and the spirit imparted to our roots. As people of color, finding more ways to cultivate these feelings of home for the region allows the Blue Ridge to foster our needs and cherish us with the same reverence we have for it.

We're looking forward to meeting up with our friends this weekend for our first hike under the Baloo Ridge name. Find details about all of our scheduled hikes on our site's calendar. We look forward to meeting you on our next hike!

"All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was" - Toni Morrison

Hiking with Great Friends


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